The Renaissance Award

The Renaissance Award has been created in an effort to reward the efforts and time of students who have worked deliberately to be involved in every area of Journey. Like the Renaissance Men of old, they have tried to be well-rounded participants. We want to honor that type of curiosity, learning, and discovery, character and service.

The Renaissance Awards are awarded at showcase each session to students who have earned it over the current session. Students must complete this Renaissance Award Application and turn it in by the deadline in order to receive the award. Each winner will receive a membership card from the Artistic Director or a Board Member who will explain the importance of the award to the audience.

Member Benefits

Renaissance Club Members are members for life!

They will receive the following benefits:

$10 off of each future tuition

The right to reserve an audition number at first class day

Priority class registration

Complimentary $1 item at the refreshment table during show attendance (must show valid Renaissance Award card)


In order to earn the award, students must:

  • Participate on crew in a backstage role (backstage, props, dresser, Rehearsal Secretary, house, curtain, cues, Stage Manager or Crew Chief)
  • Participate on crew in a technical role: (on lights, sound, mics, spotlight, Stage Manager)
  • Participate in a cast of two shows
  • Complete a Musical Theater class (combining all three disciplines)
  • Complete a technical class
  • Complete two each dance, voice, and acting classes
  • Participate in one summer camp as student or CIT
  • Complete one audition class
  • Be at least 13 years old
  • Area Coordinator approval
  • 15 hours of service at Journey-related events ( see attached form )
  • Area Coordinator reference letter ( see attached form )
  • 100-200 word essay on the impact of Journey in your life ( see attached form )

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