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Improv Invasion is a yearly competition between improv teams made up of five team members and an alternate.  Team members must be between the ages of 12 (by June 12, 2017) and 18 (on January 1, 2017) and also have taken a Beginning Improv class.   Team auditions are held in the fall; teams meet during Winter and Spring class sessions for 3 hours each week.   Team members pay $50 in addition to regular class tuition for their class/rehearsal time.

Alternates participate in all team classes/rehearsals and the Improv Invasion event.  At Improv Invasion, there is an Alternate game.  If one of the 5 team members is not able to participate, the Alternate steps in and takes their place.  Being an Alternate is a great way for students to build skills and gain confidence!

Event Costs are approximately $365 and include an Improv Workshop, tickets to an Improv show, food and lodging at the event, experienced judges, awards for top teams, a VIP from each team, an overall MVP,  team shirt and event swag.   Actual cost is based on total number of participants and is available after auditions for all areas.  Participants are welcome to pay in full by February 3rd, or to pay $100 by February 3rd and pay the remainder in four equal payments (one each month, February through May).

Improv Invasion competition is open to the public.  Watch our “Tickets” page for event times and tickets.




2017 TEAM: Team Captain – Joshua Barksdale, Alessandra Cubillas, Lindsey Leion, Jack Lutz, Hope Stephens, Alternate – Rebekah Bonifield

Coach: Sia Marshall

Portland: Auditions have been cancelled


Monday Coach: Alan Baird

Monday Team: (Team Captain TBA)

Abigail Horch

Dara Klinkner

Evan Leyden

Jarin Alvarez

Sophia Fortenberry

Alternate:  Peyton Baber

Tuesday Coach: Brenna Larson

Tuesday Team: Team Captain: Joseph McConnell

Abbie Lehman

James Hurst

Khrystyna Ecoff

Maggie Larson

Alternate:  Paige Ditty

Thursday Coach: Jon Jacquet

Thursday Team: Team Captain:  Cole Peterson

Ashlynn Fredendall

Cameron Givvines

Jeremy Bode

Kyra Miller

Alternate:  Marlene Brossia

Improv Team members commit to 2017 WINTER and SPRING Session Classes with 3 hour class sessions (6-9pm)

Class Registration Information

Each team member pays regular tuition + $50 each session to cover extra hour of instruction.  For the Winter session, please register and pay for a second choice class.  Students who are selected for a team will be moved to the appropriate class, and the extra $50 fee will be due at that time. If a student is only interested in being on a team, they may wait to register after teams have been selected.  If this is after the early registration deadline, contact the office, and the discount will be honored.

Important Dates

Improv Team workshop is Saturday, January 28th from 6-9pm in Vancouver

Improv Teams perform on April 22nd at our Journey-wide Improv Show

Additional rehearsals will be scheduled between the end of Spring Session and July 5.

IMPROV INVASION DATES –  July 6 – 8, 2017  

University of Portland

Estimated cost per team member cost is $365, in addition to class tuition each session.  $100 is due by February 3rd.  The remainder will be divided into 4 equal monthly payments, due on the 28th of each month, February through May.   There is a late fee of $15 for any payment received after the due date..

Improv Invasion competition (July 7 and 8) is open to the public; tickets will go on sale in the spring.

Please RSVP for auditions by clicking on the appropriate link above; there is a different link for each area.

Please call Bethany(360-921-2944) or email if you have any questions.


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