Improv Invasion

Improv Invasion 2017

Journey Theater Arts Group’s Improv Competition for Teens!IMG_0776


Improv Invasion is a yearly competition between improv teams made up of five team members and an alternate. Students must be between the ages of 11, turning 12 by June 1st,  and 18 on January 1st and have taken a Beginning Improv class to audition.

Teams rehearse up to 70 hours between January 1st and the competition date.


Event Costs are approximately $2,100 per team.  This includes the Improv Invasion Playbook,  food and lodging at the event, experienced judges, awards for top teams and players, and an event swag.   Actual cost is based on total number of participants and is determined by December 20th.


Improv Invasion competition is open to the public.  Watch our “Tickets” page for event times and tickets.

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