The Music Man: Journey’s 2013 Summer Theater Show

Journey Theater Arts Summer Theater 2013
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Journey’s The Music Man

Meredith Willson’s The Music Man tells the story of con man Harold Hill. He arrives in River City intending to cheat the community by selling them music lessons and the promise of a boy\\\’s marching band although he has no musical skill. His plan is foiled when he falls for the town librarian, and he manages to enrich the town with a love of music and learn a lesson in moral responsibility instead.

It’s a story of transformation, forgiveness, redemption and love that Journey re-visited this year for our summer community theater show.

Performed at University of Portland’s Mago Hunt Theater gave Journey a new, intimate setting that was enjoyed by one and all.

The show also received very positive feed from the area reviewers such as the Southwest Washington Stage & Theater Arts Review and Dennis Sparks.

Enjoy these Highlights

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