Journey Summer Theater Classes

Teaching Series

We’re excited to offer a uniquely formatted teaching series for all ages this summer!  These classes do not have prerequisites and all levels of ability are welcome.  With just three weeks of classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, this summer teaching series offers great learning with a small time commitment.  Sign up in an “a la carte” way to do as many as you can, or just take one.  Throw in some specialty workshops and masterclasses for a great summer of musical theater education!   

July 11 – 27 at First Presbyterian Church in Vancouver. $80 per student, per class.

Tap Dancing (ages 9-16) 8:15pm-9:15pm

Teacher: Grace Thompson

Time step your way into the rhythm of music and make it come alive through the sounds of your feet!  Tap Dance helps students grow in musicality, precision, and expression for stage all while having fun.  This class will help students feel more confident in their footwork through mastering foundational building blocks and increasing their dance vocabulary.

Swing Dance (age 16+ with partner) 8:15pm-9:15pm

Teacher: Kristi Foster

Sign up with a partner and come learn some foundational steps to get you up on the dance floor in no time.  Stick with your same partner, or enter the rotation and work to master the skills of partner connection, feeling the rhythm of big band music, basic footwork for East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop, as well as common turns, spins, and tricks to really give you confidence while “cutting a rug.”  Partners need to register individually.

Saturday Workshops

Choose one workshop from each Saturday, or pick and choose which you’d like to attend.  All workshops are held on Saturdays from 10:00am-1:00pm at First Presbyterian Church in Vancouver.  Pack a sack lunch.  $55.00 per student, per workshop.

July 22nd – Auditioning 101 (ages 8-18)

Teacher: Kristi Foster

Take away the mystery of auditioning with this one day workshop.  We’ll talk about how to select a song with our 2017-2018 Season of Shows in mind, how to deliver a vocal performance that really stands out, and we’ll practice with callback material – both dance calls and cold reads.  You can only improve on auditioning by doing it, so here’s your chance to get some practice in and have fun along the way.

July 22nd – College & Career Prep (ages 14-22)

Teacher: Ben Tissell

This workshop is for students who are interested in pursuing theater at the collegiate level and maybe even continuing until it’s a lifestyle hobby or a vocational path.  Learn what college theater programs are looking for, how to select and prepare for the college audition process, and find out more about the Actor’s Equity Union, the professional market, contracts, etc.

July 29th – Acting Technique (ages 12-18)

Teacher: Ben Tissell

Take some time to focus on one discipline: acting.  Breaking down character motivation and objective, along with looking at various approaches to a role from respected techniques, students in this class will really have the chance to take their acting to a new level.  Learn the skill of acting and don’t leave things to chance on stage.  The audience, and your scene partners, will thank you.

July 29th – Conquering Dance Callbacks (ages 8-18)

Teacher: Kristi Foster

Auditioning can be pretty nerve-wracking; especially when it comes to the dance audition.  There’s usually a large group there, it’s not always easy to see, the pace is fast, and then you’re on the spot and decisions are being made.  Yikes!!  What if there was a way to practice the dance callback process and maybe also ask questions about how to get better?  Wouldn’t it be great if someone could just break it down a bit and tell you what they’re looking for and let you practice learning a variety of dances so you can improve?  Well…NOW is your chance.  Join us on Saturday, July 29th from 10am-1pm for a workshop with Journey director & choreographer, Kristi Foster, as she walks you through ways to improve your dance callback game.

August 5th – Director’s Workshop (ages 16+)

Teacher: Kristi Foster

Interested in learning more about the mind of a theater director?  Want to explore the idea of being a director yourself one day?  Here’s your chance to learn the approach, philosophy, and tactics of a stage director.  We’ll discuss the pre-production design work, the auditioning process, effective rehearsal technique, and how to guide a show thru the complete process.

Audition Coaching

One-On-One Audition Coaching

Whether you’ve auditioned once or lots of times, each audition experience can create anxiety when you don’t have the foundational tools to troubleshoot your way through the stresses.  Wouldn’t it be great to get some individual feedback about how you can specifically improve your auditioning game so you don’t have to keep guessing to hit the mark?  Sign up for one-on-one audition coaching with Journey’s veteran director & vocal coach, Kristi Foster.  You’ll be given a 15-minute time slot to walk through the general audition process with her.  No audience; just time with Kristi to find out what steps you’re missing or ways you can up your auditioning skills. Students who register will be assigned a specific window of time.  They’ll come with their 1-minute audition song already learned and ready to perform.  After they do their introduction and perform their piece, Kristi will then talk through aspects of vocal technique, stage presence, song interpretation, and professional presentation to give each student tailor-made tools for their future success.  Don’t miss this opportunity!

$20 per student.  15 minute sessions will be assigned for July 22nd, between 2:00 and 4:30pm.  Students will receive an email with their assigned time within 3 days of registration.

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