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Fall registration is OPEN!  How do you choose which class to take?  I always encouraged (and sometimes required) my kids to take a class in the area they were weakest in order to help them develop new skills.  Or sometimes they would take a class that was a pre-requisite for a class they knew they’d like to be a part of in the future.  One example of that is taking Beginning Improv in order to be able to audition for an Improv Team. We offer Beginning Improv during the fall session so that students are prepared when Improv Team auditions roll around later in the fall. Speaking of Improv, I’d like to share an alum’s thoughts on how the things she learned in her Improv classes continue to benefit her today.

Below is an excerpt from a Facebook conversation Natalie Fertig had with her former Improv Coach, Allen Larson.


Natalie at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner
Natalie at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

Theater is a GREAT help in being a journalist – and especially improv – because you have to be able to connect with all kinds of people every day. Improv was probably my favorite class (I mean I loved all of it, but loved that most), but I also think it’s something that everyone should at least take classes in. It’s probably THE most useful life skill you get out of theater. I was a good history teacher because of it, and I’m a great journalist because of it.  Not everyone has to be on the improv team – just taking a class gets you more comfortable thinking quickly on your feet in lots of different situations.

Traveling during the election, I was trying to find commonality and empathize with Trump supporters in the afternoon and Bernie supporters at night – and while I wasn’t fictionalizing any of my own story, that past improv training made me fast on my feet in conversation, capable of keeping a straight face despite being yelled at/cursed at or in the middle of very strange conversations, and able to quickly read my audience in whatever situation.

I think improv should be a required core class for LIFE. It obviously makes you better on stage, but it also makes you really great at things like interviewing for a job. It also requires you to get out of your head and be comfortable with yourself, which is one of the hardest barriers to break when you’re a teenager. I feel like if I’d been able to totally break it when I was 17, I would have been much better – but it definitely started the ball rolling in the right direction.    

So, if you haven’t registered, take another look at our fall class offerings and think about which class you want to take.  Something that will will strengthen your acting chops?  Or help you become a better dancer?  Maybe a Musical Theater class? Take a step to unlock the fullness of who the Lord created you to be.  We can’t wait to see YOU this fall!


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