Behind the Scenes of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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As a theater company, we have the privilege of breathing life into written words.  We choose a script, purchase the rights, make a plan for when we’ll sell tickets and invite patrons to come watch a performance.  Between the choosing and the performing however, there is a LOT of creating and configuring that needs to be accomplished.  Actors are tasked with bringing emotion and humanity into the characters they’ve been entrusted with and the words on the page become something that stirs the hearts and minds of the audience that attends.  It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

The props add reality, the costumes add definition, and the set provides a framework for the storytelling.  They provide decoration and depth to the stage.  Knowing this, it is quite a remarkable thing when a set piece actually becomes a CHARACTER and an active member of the narrative.  THAT is the daunting task that is taken on when one decides to produce Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The title character is a set piece that needs to effectively come alive and propel the storyline, tying together the people and the design of the show.  And in this case, our car is one leading lady!  Built by hand on the chassis of a golf cart, this baby honks, flashes lights, turns on a dime and spreads her wings to “take flight.”

Mark Martin, Journey dad and set builder, was tasked with the job of fashioning “Chitty” back in the fall of 2010.  We would be producing the show in early 2011 and, well…we HAD to have a car.  A contractor and builder by trade, Mark brought a tremendous amount of creativity and ingenuity to the process.  Setting himself to the work, “Chitty” took it’s inaugural turn around the stage just 8 weeks (300 total hours) after the process began.  “Chitty” has been seen in several local parades and even traveled as far as North Idaho to perform there.  Battery operated with a hydraulic lift system to give the illusion of flying, “Chitty” is in the drivers seat as the audience is taken on a fantasmagorical adventure!
chitty car 9

From humble golf cart beginnings to flying car!

chitty car 10
Come see this “great eight liter motor race car” that “is making history” on the Ridgefield High School Auditorium stage.  Performances are August 5-14, 2016.  All information and tickets are available at or by calling 360.750.8550.

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