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WINTER REGISTRATION is fast approaching!!  At Journey Theater Arts Group, we place high emphasis on quality education, not just impressive productions.  Each area hosts academy-style classes that serve as the foundation for skill development, production knowledge, citizenship, and character growth.  We offer a variety of classes to meet the needs of all ages and all skill levels. How do you pick which class to take when registration rolls around?  Why is it important to do Early Bird Registration?

Selecting the right class is a quandary many students face when Registration opens.  Because of venue restrictions and staff availability, we have to rotate the classes that we offer, which means, the class you’ve been dying to take might not be offered.  So…NOW WHAT?!

Types of Classes Offered


Each session, we offer as many of the Core Classes as staffing will allow.  These classes include DR100: Beginning Drama, DA100: Beginning Dance, V100: Beginning Voice, and MT100: Beginning Musical Theater.  These classes are the entry point for all Journey students.  They provide the foundational knowledge for the rest of their Journey experience.  The MT100 class is designed to be a culmination of all three disciplines (acting, dancing, and singing) so it should be taken after completion of the other Core Classes.

Completion of the class does not necessarily mean mastery of the course content however.  In order to help with assessment and to give students more confidence in selecting the right class to sign up for, we will be implementing a Progress Report for our Core Classes.  Teachers will provide a written assessment of whether the student can confidently demonstrate the given benchmarks for a class or if some additional practice would benefit them.  When a student does decide to take an Intermediate Class, we want them to be successful so that their experience will be fun and challenging rather than disheartening.

Students should feel free to take the Core Classes as many times as they want.  We have noticed through the years that when a student is serious about taking their theater hobby to the next level and are wanting to pursue career opportunities beyond Journey, they often re-take the Core Classes as a brush up on the basics.  The basics serve to provide knowledge in “industry standard”; things they’ll be expected to have mastered when going on to college or professional theater endeavors.  With teacher rotation and changing of classmates, a student is exposed to a fresh approach to familiar material and can find new challenge and learning opportunities when re-taking a class.

Spring 2013
Spring 2013


Our Intermediate classes are designed to take the basics to the next level.  They are indicated by a 200-level number and therefore, have pre-requisites.  This is another excellent reason to make sure you’ve completed ALL the Core Classes.  Intermediate classes are offered on a rotating basis depending on staff availability and curriculum development.

Duets & Harmonies
Duets & Harmonies


There are MANY aspects of theater and it truly “takes a village” to accomplish any one production.  We want to provide students an opportunity to learn theater from all angles by allowing them to grow in behind-the-scenes skills as well.  If a student doesn’t have aspirations for a performer’s life but still loves theater, these Specialty Classes will allow them to be a diverse and dynamic contributor to the theater experience.  Students who love being onstage should also take the opportunity to grow in knowledge in these specialty topics as it serves as a framework for professional connections and helps them grow in appreciation of the full wheelhouse that is theater arts education.

Costume Class
Costume Class


These classes require mastery of Core Class benchmarks and the ability to integrate intermediate level skills.  Sometimes there is an audition that precludes registration.  This is to ensure that the student can be set up for success and is ready to handle the challenge accompanied by an advanced class expectation.

Why Should I Do Early Bird Registration?

In an effort to ensure quality instruction, we have set maximum and minimum class sizes.  We want to provide a worthwhile learning environment so students can get the individualized attention they need.  By doing the Early Bird Registration, not only do you get a tuition discount, but you also increase your chances of getting in the class you desire.

As a Journey staff, we prayerfully consider our current program participants when strategizing the course offerings each session.  We plan for an entire year so that we can be generous in offering the pre-requisites that our students will need in order to take the Intermediate or Advanced classes we know they’re looking forward to.  We encourage families to also strategize their registration so that they get the most out of our program.  Students may want to flock to the class that they know their friend is taking, but that may not be the wisest choice for their individual growth and theatrical pursuits.  Fortunately, our class environment is the perfect incubator for new friendships and growing community.  Students can review classes they’ve completed in their Family Summary online.  Winter courses will be listed on our website (under Classes) on FRIDAY, NOV. 15th.  We’re confident that our classes will challenge, equip for growth, and will ensure a FUN WINTER SESSION!!

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