Winter 2018 at Journey

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Journey Theater Arts Group:

Growing youth in character, confidence and creativity in a Christ-centered community

At Journey, everyone is welcomed into a loving community no matter where they are in life or what experience they have in theater.

See a show, take a class or ask a student or parent who is involved.  We think you will be amazed at the loving family-oriented, Christ-centered community that is Journey Theater Arts Group.

Why Journey Theater Arts Group


Whether you are an athlete, an artist, a musician, or a techie.  Whether you like to work with your hands, your feet, your mind, your voice or your body, Journey is where you will be welcomed with open arms.  Whether you have no theater experience or years of it, our heart is to inspire youth to become the amazing individuals they were created to be.


Journey is more than just family-friendly theater, it’s family.  Whether you attend a Journey performance, visit a classroom, or simply see the youth interact with one another, you’ll sense the open, encouraging and familial environment Journey inspires.


From top-notch teaching staff to mind-blowing shows throughout the region, Journey provides a professional-level atmosphere.  With dozens of classes from drama to dance to improv, 12 school-year shows in four locations and summer community theater, Journey is the most dynamic yet well-organized theater arts group in our region.

Thanks to Our Wonderful Sponsors and Partners

More than live theater - theater that changes lives.

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